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Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to many Step by Step Care frequently asked questions below.
Are we CABHA certified?
Yes, we are Critical Access Behavioral Health Care Company.   back to top

How much do the services cost?
Services we provide to children and their family are of no charge to them, however, the agency does file a claim through their insurance for reimbursement for services fees. Therefore, active NC Medicaid or Healthchoice insurance is required to be eligible for our services.  back to top

Do you accept private insurance?
Yes we do.  back to top

What age range do you serve?
Children, adolescents and adults up to age 65. These individuals must have a mental health and/or substance abuse need.  back to top

Can you work with my child at his/her school?
Yes. Once the school provides our agency with permission, we will be able to work within the school setting. Community Support services can be provided for a child at his/her school if it has been deemed medically necessary and documented in the child's Person-Centered Plan and determined to be in the best interest of the child by the child's parent/guardian, school officials, and any other professional supports that have assessed the child's individual needs. Your child's Community Support Team will make every effort to work with school officials in order to provide your child the best care possible.  back to top

What is person-centered?
Person-centered means that we tailor our programs around the unique needs of our clients.  back to top

How do I sign someone up for services?
Any person may make a referral for himself or herself or someone they are legally or professionally responsible for. Referrals may be phoned in to our office at which time general information about the individual being referred will be gathered and an Intake Screening will be conducted. If deemed necessary based on the information provided, an appointment will be scheduled for the individual to obtain a clinical assessment by a Licensed Therapist to establish eligibility for services.  back to top

How do I know if a loved one needs services?
Call one of our offices and schedule an assessment with a state-certified licensed professional.  back to top

What are signs of Depression?
Signs and symptoms of depression include: loss of interest, poor concentration and memory, thoughts of regret, self-hatred, and suicide, loss of appetite, lack of sleep.  back to top

What are signs of Schizophrenia?
Signs and symptoms of schizophrenia include: lack of emotions, low personal hygiene, loss of self-motivation, memory issues, social withdrawal.  back to top

What are signs of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include: sleep disorders, inability to concentrate and memorize, lack of emotional responsiveness, upsetting nightmares and dreams, feeling of a bad future.  back to top

What are signs of Bipolar Disorder?
Signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder include: sadness and depression, low self-esteem, aggressive behavior, lack of sleep, irritability.  back to top

What are signs of Social Anxiety Disorder?
Signs and symptoms of social anxiety disorder include: confusion, fear of embarrassment, trembling or shaking, fear of being in public, sweating.  back to top

Our Partners

Step by Step Care, Inc. accepts referrals and also partners with various state and private agencies to provide behavioral health services to children, adolescents and adults. Our referral partners include:

Mental Health Agencies, Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, Training & Accreditations